Jamie Calkin

Previously in academia, and pursuing a career as a professor in science education, Jamie Calkin found himself shifting directions. He slowly realized his joy and happiness was in the arts, specifically, watercolor and bringing local surroundings to life. Art inspiration began to seep into Jamie’s life while reading Aldo Leopold’s, “Sand County Almanac.” The images complimented the text well and transpired into more than he had planned. Meanwhile, he was hiking and backpacking a great deal while teaching environmental science to elementary students, which inspired him to create visuals as an alternative way of learning. The teaching style led Calkin to attend many watercolor and drawing classes. Jamie loves working with watercolor because he can easily travel with his supplies in a backpack. The vibrant colors against a white background with loose black ink outlines allows for a happy medium of structure and creativity. He always creates his artwork with the community and individual in mind. Everyone has ties to buildings, restaurants, churches and streets, and he creates tangible pieces for your intangible memories and hopes to bring happiness every time his artwork is viewed. Feel free to contact Jamie if you have an event or specific scene you would like painted. He loves the challenge of creating commission pieces and creating art that is special to you.

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