Igor Raikhline

Igor studied in Kiev Fine Art Academy, where he was awarded a Masters Degrees in Art and Architecture in 1974. He moved to USA in 1990 and currently resides in suburbs of Atlanta. Igor got his first International European Award For Outstanding And Gifted Children when he was 7 years old. During his 55 years of professional career Igor participated in hundreds of solo & group Fine Art Exhibitions worldwide. His art is in private and corporate collections in USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, France, Spain, England, Japan and other countries. After moving to USA Igor participated in several nationwide projects. One of them was Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta with the completion of three major Murals for an Age of Dinosaurs exhibit, totaling 1280 sq. ft, after which Igor was immediately granted a Green Card under the status of an Outstanding Artist . The central mural is still considered as one of the largest scientific Murals in USA Museums. Igor then took a long 20 years break from being an artist to launch the first American-Ukrainian wholesale art company, based in his home country, introducing Fifty Best Outstanding Ukrainian Artists to American Art Galleries throughout those years with steady success. Three years ago he closed his company and decided to get back to what he did the best – to paint and to be an artist again. Since then he participated in numerous Art Shows and Competitions, building up his fresh portfolio and trying to find his place in ever-changing Art Market. As long as Igor remembers, he has been painting and studying history of art, traveling to museums, looking at masterpieces, gathering and understanding more of technique of geniuses of the past and present. Igor was heavily influenced by dreamy realism of outstanding American artist Andrew Wyeth and drawn to detailing of early Flemish Art.

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