Elliott Hubbard

Elliott HubbardFamily, Music, and Love are inspirations for Elliott Hubbard’s art creations. “The most enjoyable part of being an artist is taking something with virtually no substance and composing a creation that stimulates emotions as well as conversation. Art is not only powerful, it also allows us all to look beyond barriers and bring about new ideas.” Elliott, a self taught artist growing up in a small rural southern community, helped instill strong family values. He is the youngest of twelve adventurous and talented siblings. His father was a carpenter and his mother a homemaker who enjoys painting during her spare time. “My mother inspired me tremendously, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized the impact of her exposing me to art at an early age.” Painting since the age of 8 years old, Elliott received his first art award in the 6th grade, winning a summer scholarship to a Fine Art Gallery in Albany, Georgia.Everpure There Elliott had the opportunity to work with clay the entire summer. After that Elliott ventured into many other mediums including watercolors, pencil, pastels , acrylic paints as well as oil painting. “Looking back it’s ironic that I would return to one of my first mediums, I guess that is why it feels so natural to work with clay.” Elliott now resides in his home and studio in Fairburn, Georgia. He spends many hours hand building and creating original clay sculpture. All original creations. “I love art because it gives me the opportunity to share , to enlighten and enrich others. Sharing joy and happiness is the most precious gift we can give. I hope that my artwork lifts your spirit and bring about additional smiles.”

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