Elizabeth Stockton

Elizabeth Stockton is an Atlanta-based artist, specializing in large, layered oil paintings. She draws inspiration from her interest in color interaction, landscapes, minimalism, typography, and mark making. Her compositions are built through a process of adding and subtracting layers of oil, which are allowed to dry between applications. “I follow a course of simplifying and complicating, creating chaos or order until the painting starts to emerge and show a hint of what IT wants to be. I’m not so much a make-it-happen artist as a let-it-happen one.’’ Stockton grew up in a family in which art was highly valued. Her father, Jack Niles, was a fiercely independent artist who demonstrated the need for simultaneous creativity and discipline. Her art practice was cultivated from as far back as she can remember. She studied Fine Art and Design at the University of Georgia. She continues her education through persistent painting, exploration, artists’ residencies, workshops, and study of past and present artists. As a fine artist, Stockton’s talent is clearly showcased in originality, as well as artistic and technical prowess. She is driven by a visual single-mindedness which ‘‘cannot be turned off’’, approaching blank canvases from a spiritual mindset, never a production process. The emotional power of her paintings invites the viewer to deeply engage in her creations. This has inspired repeated purchases from individuals, decorators, designers, and corporate art collectors. Her paintings are prominently displayed in fine homes and corporate headquarters around the country and as far reaching as New Delhi.

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