Crooked Mile Bluegrass Band

Crooked Mile is a traditional bluegrass band. Its four members reside in north Georgia and have been performing for over 20 years. Our approach to music performance is a combination of respect for the tradition and a willingness to have a great time when sharing it with our audience! ?Bluegrass is a vocal music, and we emphasize this with solo singing, duets, and trios. Our sets consist of songs along the continuum from hard-driving fast songs to slow ballads, and like the best bluegrass, we offer a sampling of old-time fiddle-and-banjo styles and instrumentals as well. We are all multi-instrumentalists, and frequent changes of instruments and parts in the band are common in our shows. The repertoire we play is rooted in the acoustic music created by bluegrass artists from the 1950s through the earliest 1970s. And, while we choose songs that are well-known, we also offer a healthy sampling of lesser-known but equally great tunes, as well as a few originals by members of the band.

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