Casey Harper

Casey Harper is an Atlanta-based artist specializing in potent lyrical storytelling. Although talented in several different mediums, Harper chooses music as her most direct form of creative expression. Through her music, Harper marries the human experience with the human desire for connection and fun. She communicates a serious depth of feeling and a flame-refined strength with colorful and animated melodies (think pastel pink cartoon flowers spilling out of the mouth of the Mona Lisa.) Harper has created music for a culture and community of her peers that craves and thrives off of juxtaposition: connection and solitude, depth and light-heartedness, philosophy and memes. The themes of Harper’s music pull from own very personal experiences with death, love, depression, anxiety, and abandonment. The magic of her music is that it simultaneously communicates sorrow and authentic hope. Harper is one of many in our human family that has experienced pain, but is not defined by it. Her music subtly teaches us to feel our own sadness while dancing to the rhythm of it. Her tasteful and soothing voice tells relatable stories of sadness masked by a major chord and in turn, shows us that we can still find pockets of happiness even in our most stormy hours. Harper’s tunes teach us that it is ok to feel, but it’s equally ok, imperative, even, to dance, to laugh, and to refrain from taking ourselves too seriously. “I especially love this new direction I’m going in with this album. I’m able to put the very real aches of my life to light-hearted melodies,” Harper says. And it’s true; Harper brings a melodic ray of light to what could otherwise be a dismal personal reality. “This record represents my choice to live despite the pain that has threatened to take me out,” Harper says of her newest material. This album gives her listeners a chance to relate to Harper’s intimate stories of sadness, and an opportunity to both commiserate and celebrate the curious magic of our human experience.

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