Ron Fondaw

Ron began as a painter with his first exhibition when he was eleven. He focused working with ceramics at the Memphis College of Art. He received his Masters degree from the University of Illinois in 1980. He now works across disciplines of Sculpture, Public art, video and painting. Most recently he has been traveling to South Texas to work with local community volunteers to create artworks responding to our government’s policies on immigration. The “Portal of Hope” a sculpture made of stabilized earth and pigments (see Public Art page) was the first Artwork created June 2017 Brownsville, TX. “The Hole in the Wall” of that same year, was a temporary work on the border wall.
This June 2018 Ron was invited back to work with students and other professional artist from South Texas and created two works, a performance (Animal Heads) and video installations (A little Child Shall Lead Them) on the border wall with Mexico. Ron continues to teach at Washington University, St. Louis where he leads Masters students in creating permanent art works contexuralized by underserved communities, such as The Day Home for Adults with Autism and the Center for Infectious Disease. This work & teaching is based in the desire to make a difference with the creative act.

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