Kathy Leader

I grew up in South Africa where I studied fine art and art education at the Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town. The colors and rhythm in African art influenced my later work as I began to work with non objective subject matter. My artwork has gone through many evolutions during my move from the southern to the northern hemisphere. I first worked as a representational artist and then moved into more abstract forms as I experimented with various mediums. Since combining collage, monoprints and wax, my work has become more about the unfolding creative process. I work intuitively, allowing the process to evolve, drawing ideas, shapes and colors from my past and present life, consciously and unconsciously. As I enter each new phase of my life, emerging and receding thoughts and emotions allow me to work in layers as I uncover parts of who I am in the art piece. I am fascinated by what happens to an idea when it is painted over. Does some of its essence remain below the surface? Perhaps that is how I can somehow come to understand the complexity of the human psyche. In addition, I teach private art lessons and workshops to children and adults out of my art studio. My style of teaching reflects my own creative journey, allowing the process to become a personal voyage of internal discovery.

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