Jay Parker Exon


Jay Parker Exon began flourishing a brush during his apprenticeship with noted set designer Richard Ellis, former Scenic Coordinator for Radio City Music Hall. Though Jay’s abstract style is a departure from that of his formal training, he brings to each work a sense of theatricality. Jay lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his cat Clancy. My paintings are serendipitous discoveries revealed through a process of open-minded experimentation. There are no accidents on my canvases, only coincidences. Happenstance is my aim. I call this approach Intuitive Art. Perhaps Robert Motherwell of the New York School put it best: “In the brush doing what it is doing, it will stumble upon what one couldn’t do by oneself.”
Titles are important as they hint at how I interpret the works. Each of my paintings unveils a narrative to me. However, I encourage you to find your own stories in my pigmented expressions.

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