Janice Corkin Rudolf

“There’s a sculptor living across the street from us” explained my Dad when we moved to our Brookline home. I was only in 3rd grade at the time but the thought of an artist right across the street was very exciting to me. Peter Abate “Maestro” was the sculptor. I was so lucky to befriend & have him as my mentor. It was at that young age that I wanted to be an artist too. I spent many hours in Peter’s studio. He taught adults both at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA & also in his Brookline studio/home. Luckily we became pals right from the start so he didn’t mind all the poking around I was doing in his studio. He taught me many things about sculpture, form, composition, volume and using your own eye to judge. My career launched from his influence & when I work I hear his words in my mind.
To me, art is a language with its own vocabulary that can be learned by all. It is a means of expression, portraying intimate feelings and moods with passion and strength. Sculpture is what I mostly choose as my medium, modeling in clay and then moving to wax then bronze with the ancient process called “lost wax”. I firmly believe that in creating art we increase our awareness in all aspects of everyday life. Although one often takes for granted forms, shapes and colors, most people don’t stop to think about it, but those who do will use their sensing as well as artistic skills, and become more aware, sensitive and considerate members of our society.

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