William Casanova


William Casanova is a 25 year old singer, songwriter, and producer from Washington, DC. Heavily influenced by the exposure given to him by his father at an early age, William began to create his own path in music. He started playing the piano at the age of 5, and the Alto Saxophone at 10. But it was age 9, when he realized that he had a voice. He started singing in his church and middle school choir.
William learned how to write songs at the age of 13,; writing his first song for a high school crush. It was at that point he learned how to channel his thoughts, emotions and experiences through music. He used all of his skills to create a unique sound for himself. He idolized the musical integrity of 60’s Motown R&B, and admired the soul & passion from vocalists of 90’s R&B. He applied those key elements to integrate an old- school feel, with a raw & current new-school sound.
William believes in being relatable & real. That transcends from his personal life, to his music. He promotes and represents the need for a return of real music. He calls it, “The Return of an Era”. The era he’s referring too , is a time where music was actually an art—an art that had to be perfected through practice, and effectively executed with grind & hustle. An era where you had to have talent, and the work ethic to back it up. William’s values are instrumental to his music and determination. As of now, he is more focused than ever. He dedicates every waking moment to being successful, perfecting his craft, and striving to become one of the best singers that has ever lived.

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