Warehouse Descendants

We are a bunch of guys and gals who really love to play music. The bonus is we all like the same music. Through a series of referrals, Craigslist train-wrecks, auditions, personnel upgrades, and Spinal Tap-like incidents, we arrived here. Five nerdy people who became fast friends, who crack each other up and don’t take it too seriously. We are a party band. And we’ve done a lot in the 18 months we’ve been together, including over 30 gigs and over 100 songs learned (or attempted once, lol.). Oh and we started rehearsals in a warehouse. Hence the name.
Play the sing-alongs. You know, the tunes where a room full of people start mouthing the words to the chorus? That’s us. Special sauce? Yeah we have a few tricks up our sleeve, including some good players and a killer list of tunes. And a pretty fearless clown of a front-man. We don’t do weddings. We do bars and parties. We help people have fun, and bars make money.

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