HI THERE, I’M RACHEL!.A friend recently described me as the type of person who you’re talking to as you’re walking, and you look over to find me 30 paces back taking a photo of a flower. She said, “you value beauty and want to take it along with you.”PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER IN WASHINGTON DC – BALTIMORE MD – NORTHERN VIRGINIA Hence why I’m a photographer! And if you want to see me at my happiest, look no further than behind my camera during magic hour. There’s seriously always a smile on my face in that situation! My favorite thing to do in my down time is snuggle with my yorkipoo, Milli. She really makes my life sweeter! I’m a proud pup mom, Type A creative, lover of the outdoors, Top Chef fan girl, and photographer, of course. I’m someone who loves to cook (OK, maybe I just love to eat), is slowly trying to decorate my entire house in black and white, who appreciates the finer things like a nice dinner out just as much as snuggling on the couch watching Netflix. I love sentimental touches, traveling, trying new food, trying new food while traveling, making my friends laugh, and yes – I enjoy taking pics in my spare time. It’s still my favorite hobby! I love taking photos of brilliant, elegant people who love to laugh because I love to laugh and I want all of us to be enjoying ourselves! You will thoroughly enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff as well, from booking your wedding or session to receiving your photos. I pride myself on giving a high end and happy experience to every person who graces the front of my camera! I love taking photos at beautiful outdoor venues and locations, but even if we have to be indoors, my goal is to give you light and bright images that mimic that natural light look. I schedule most of my sessions around magic hour, which provides the best light and will give us the highest quality images! You know what I’m talking about: that beautiful glow that illuminates the earth right after the sun rises and right before sunset. That’s the light I like to play in and believe me, you’ll love it too!.

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