Maureen Squires


I began my formal art training as a painting major with an affinity for the alphabet at Seton Hill University. Two undergraduate courses in calligraphy started a life-long challenge to learn many alphabets and about their origins. Two additional years with Arnold Bank at Carnegie Mellon studying Advanced Calligraphy provided further impetus. As time has progressed, the alphabet and the calligraphic/gestural line have become my primary subject matter, sometimes with text and sometimes without. My work currently is about creating atmospheres that reflect the words I write or simply creating an atmosphere. A friend observed that “The question is not whether I am painting pictures or writing letters, I am doing both.” Gottfried Pott
My colors over the past several years have reflected the palette available with Japanese watercolors on paper and acrylics on canvas. Liquid acrylics, Sumi ink, found objects, gold, silver, brass, copper and aluminum leaf round out the media. Writing instruments include broad nibs of varying sizes, Lebenzon and other brushes, Brause 500 series B nibs, reeds, bamboo and pointed pens, on a variety of writing surfaces.

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