Luke James Shaffer


As a singer and songwriter, Luke puts forth sweet and soulful enlightenment with a purity of expression. “My music comes from the heart—I say the things in a song I can’t say any other way. I love to tell stories, and I believe there should be truth and honesty in music and lyrics,” he shares.
In joining forces with House Music Group in 2018, he found a platform that would nurture his gifts as an artist and support him in the decision to focus on only original music full-time. “They have faith in me. This is a big step that I don’t take lightly,” he says.
As a philanthropist Luke was able to team up with the Global Mental Health Alliance on his song, “We’re All a Little Crazy,” which reached the Top 50 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. The organization focuses on bringing light to the stigmas associated with mental health, something Luke feels passionately about. A portion of the proceeds for this track go directly to the Foundation.
Luke’s debut EP, Volume One, represents a culmination of a creative partnership with House Music Group producer/songwriter Daniel Strauch. The songs on the EP came together, as Luke says “pesticide free,” meaning they were created organically. The pair cherry picked a cohesive six-song collection for the EP’s rousing and redemptive roots rock aesthetic.
The EP’s first single, Pressure, is the invigorating gospel-infused pop-rock title track which boasts spiritual uplift, anthemic hooks, and heaps of soul. “That song is a reminder that there is only so much we can control, and, if things don’t go the way we plan, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just life,” Luke shares. The single will be paired with an animated video that addresses bullying issues in high school in a sharply insightful and entertaining way. Volume One’s second single, “How Sweet The Sound,” is a storyteller romance that glows with vintage soul touches like a Hammond B3 and smoldering grooves.
Luke is on the precipice of fulfilling his dream of doing original music full-time. Up next, he will tour behind his EP and record its follow-up release. “There is a lot of pressure associated with this,” he acknowledges with a sly pun. “But I have a strong faith in everything we are doing. I have the attitude that when you put the hard work in, believe in yourself and your team and manifest a positive outcome for your life, things will work out.”

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