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Leah PuttkammerLeah Puttkammer would love to take your picture. She hails from southeastern Oklahoma – a place famous for its outlaw culture, its rich Native American history, and its tiny beautiful mountains. She spent most of her childhood playing the part of an explorer in the great outdoors and helping her family run their saddle shop. She does believe that high exposure to animal hides at such a young age probably went to her head making her a bit of a dreamer. She has been taking photographs for most of her adult life and loves what she does. She primarily covers Nashville and DC metro areas but loves to travel.
When she is not photographing you, Leah is busy seeking her next outdoor adventure – usually in the garden Leah Puttkammeror exploring with her hound pup Ruby. You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a photographer for your special occasion. Leah believes in getting to know her clients and has found that cultivating a good relationship has always resulted in a very successful end result. She’s here to make sure that once your memories of an event or moment have faded, just looking at a photo will bring it all back – the sight, sound, smell, and even touch of that moment.

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