Jason Good


Jason is a full-time painter living in Arlington, VA. He also creates digital corporate art and portrait illustration.
Jason’s interest in art started at a very early age. He would record episodes of The Simpsons so he could pause the tape and draw the characters from the screen. Fast forward a decade to George Mason University where Jason completed Art Studio courses with a concentration in figurative oil painting. After working for two years at a gallery in Alexandria, VA doing framing and commercial artwork, he now paints and instructs as a full-time artist.
He is inspired by the forms, colors, and design of the world around him. He also finds inspiration from song lyrics and video games for his abstract work.
His favorite part of painting is finding out what everyone else sees in his work. Once the paintings are finished and on the wall he is more interested in what everyone else sees, rather than what he intended. It’s what he enjoys about abstract art, the idea that someone is going to have to stare and think about what they see and what it means to them.

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