Eve Hennessa

My art is an ongoing exploration to see what is revealed from the invisible realms. I am a dancer, healer, shaman, painter, sculptor, author, ceremonialist, video maker, Muay Thai fighting obsessed, yogini, meditator, biohacker & consciousness hacker.
I allow my art free rein. I have always felt that art is communication. The craft of creating are learned skills,. The very ART of art is lived & is a magic autonomous synchronicity.
Washington DC artist for 15 years now. Before that was in Mexico City
Multidisciplinary artist who uses Painting, Sculpture, Performance, Video Earth Works & Ceremony, Video, Sacred Objects, and Dance.
For more than 10 years I have been making large, delicate and intricate paintings on paper. The texture of the paper adds a layer of sensory input with its soft and tactile quality. There is always a sense of the etherial and other-dimensionality. That may be 2 dimensional microscopic or other realms of space-time. I have always been very influenced by the delicacy and fluidity of Japanese and Chines art. I work with the quality of the water and am intoxicated by the colors.
Also known for snakes, aliens and other sculptures.
As an artist I am most interested in being alive. I explore and experiment with every angle of life and consciousness and create what is authentic at any given moment. As a human being I am full of contradictions and seemingly disparate parts. I am interested in the ethereal and the earthiness of materials ad forms.
Nature, spirituality, sexuality, humor, the invisible microcosmic world, biology, physics, movement, healing, light, aliens, stones, space, Earth, mysticism and abstract vibrating strings are recurrent themes in my work.

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