Emily Lauren


I’m Emily Lauren.
I am a self-taught Natural Light Lifestyle Photographer based out of Southwest, Virginia.
Romantic, Pure, Bright – These words not only describe part of my editing style, but they also describe what my eyes are always searching for. And these are all reasons why I do what I do.
My mom is the reason I found my passion for love & life. She is an avid still-life photographer and such an inspiration to many. My mom has battled an auto-immune disease for over half of her life, it is called Scleroderma. When I was 5 years old, she was given 5 years to live. Through grace and prayer, she is still here today. To donate or to learn about the disease, please visit: www.scleroderma.org
I’m a huge romantic at heart. I love to smile and laugh. I love to make others smile and laugh. I am a dog mom, 100% madly in love with my dogs. My husband is insanely talented and can sing like Michael Buble. {He also does video with me! Check out the videography information here!} We got married November 6, 2016 in a park full of old oak trees, and it was magical.
My mom & dad are my heroes. Their love story is one of my most favorite ever, and their marriage has been the most beautiful part of life to witness. My younger brother is handsome, compassionate, and hilarious. He gave me one of the greatest gifts when he had his son. I became Aunt Emmy to the most perfect baby boy with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I’m a small town girl with a huge sense of wanderlust. I love to travel, dance, hike, and take polaroid photographs. Vinyl records will never go out of style for me, and I adore fairy tales.
I would love to meet you, learn your story, and photograph the moments you will always hold close to your heart.


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