David Carlson


David Carlson has had 17 solos exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows from 1988 to the present. His paintings, digital video and digital photographs are included in national and international collections. Since 2000, David has shown his Digital Videos in venues from Senegal, Egypt, Washington, DC, South Africa, Belgium, Turkey, Illinois and Texas. He has participated in international exchanges with artists from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Morocco, and West Africa. Carlson has taught design, drawing and painting for 21 years at Marymount University and other local art programs including the Corcoran and EEI Communications. He continues to collaborate with international artists and in 2007 he joined with German artist, Pit Brussel and Egyptian composer, Ashraf Fouad to create the installation ‘Firewave’.
David Carlson is an Arlington, VA based artist. Born in Champaign, Illinois and grew up in Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. He is currently a professor at Marymount University and serves on the Arlington Commission for the Arts.
The work of David Carlson embodies beautiful and complex abstract painting to equally deliberate and meditative video works. The artist has consistently made pieces that have a unifying, spiritual quality. His paintings delve into the intersections of time, energy, composition, and unknown circumstance. The video works frequently look to imagery drawn from the natural world, particularly of water, that corresponds to rhythms, emotions, and energies of human life. Just as Carlson connects our environment with us, he also thoughtfully connects image and sound in his work, collaborating with artists, poets, and composers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
His paintings and digital works are represented in numerous collections; both private and corporate, national and international. Carlson engaged in artist exchanges with Central Asia, West and North Africa and Europe. He has over 25 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows since 1986.

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