Community Center

Community Center is a full-time touring rock band that has been winning over diverse audiences with storytelling songwriting and bombastic live sets that feature saxophone, accordion, violin, clarinet, and tag-team vocals.
Brian Loeper is one of the few documented people in the world to have been bitten by a vulture and a snake in the same year. He has composed songs and scores for many Baltimore arts projects and often plays guitar in pit orchestras. That Community Center’s lyrics are largely based on his shortcomings guarantees the band will never run out of material.
Danny Benbow is an award-winning brewer, thus making him the most important member of the band. His soaring saxophone solos are the highlight of any Community Center show, and that he often performs them while hanging from balconies or jumping from ladders makes them even better. He whole-heartedly believes Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Balboa are two of the greatest men who have ever lived and he adamantly insists his sax is the lead vocalist of the band.
Lacey Anderson is a world traveler who enjoys visiting horrifying countries while doing minimal research ahead of time. Her accordion melodies have largely shaped Community Center’s evolving sound and until joining the band she had never attempted to write her own music. Because Lacey never swears, it is highly enjoyable to get her worked up and see what kind of fiddle-faddle she exclaims.
Jeanette Lynne is incredibly kind, open-minded, and accepting, which is constantly making the rest of the band look like assholes. She is a successful singer- songwriter who has toured extensively and maintains a popular music video series. Due to her inability to apply sunscreen effectively, she is never permitted to go river tubing again.
Amanda Rife is a renowned vocalist and actress, yet is surprisingly stable. Her stage presence is the thing of legends and her ability to commit fully to each song brings the many characters she sings about to life. The other members of Community Center are very jealous she does not have to carry instruments, although much to her credit, she frequently offers.
Matt Stoner has a name that will forever ruin him for job interviews and child care opportunities. He honed his drumming while playing in church and has spent years on the road as a musician, merch guy, and roadie. He owns his own tattoo gun which has led to many permanent upside-down doodles. Bobby Moody Bobby Moody left a perfectly stable job as a venue sound engineer to travel with Community Center, so his judgement is not to be trusted. He has run sound for many internationally-recognized artists, and is also an accomplished songwriter and performer. Bobby is endlessly frustrated that the only member of Community Center who knows how to wrap a cable properly is the drummer who is also the only member with no cables to wrap.

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