Caroline Ferrante

Caroline FerranteOriginally from the south side of Chicago, Ferrante studied Theater and Voice at Northwestern University and later worked in production at the Sundance Theater Institute, and Goodman Theater (at the Art Institute of Chicago). Ferrante emerged on the D.C. music scene in 2011, when she opened opened for Birds of Chicago. 2015 was a breakout year for Ferrante. She began her residency at D.C.’s Mansion on O Street. Her monthly performances quickly evolved in to a live radio show on the UK’s West Norfolk Radio– recorded from the Mansion. Today her Americana Radio Show podcast, which is currently tallying 100 downloads per day, features national and regional artists. She has shared the mic with Grammy and Academy Award-winners like Paul Williams, Mark Bryan (Hootie & the Blowfish), Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), and songwriter Jack Tempchin of The Eagles. In 2016 Ferrante returned to theater, as the lead in “Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust Opera” at the D.C. Atlas Performing Arts Center, to national acclaim.
In November 2016, Ferrante’s song “Brighter Day” debuted in the play “Goddess Diaries” at George Mason University, and was released as a single. A month later, Ferrante was selected to represent the Washington DC area with the international Acoustic Guitar Project with her song “Savage Beauty.” In 2017 Ferrante joined Jim Ellis on lead guitar and John Dahlman on bass in a new iteration- “The Whole Magilla”. The band quickly moved up the ranks: showcased at Washington Folk Festival, Fairfax Festival, Singer-Songwriter Cape May Festival, Northeastern Folk Alliance, Dewey Beach Music Festival, Clarendon Day Festival, Takoma Porch Festival, SilvanaCaroline Ferrante (Harlem), Bushwick Publick House (Brooklyn), Lovecraft NYC (LES), & Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center.
Her single “Feels Like a Holiday” ranked #8 in the national “Top Ten Singles of 2017” award by Ark of Music. Spring 2018 Ferrante’s music was selected by the Brooklyn boutique label, Leesta Vall, for their upcoming direct-to-vinyl Office Session series. Acoustic recordings from her previous CD releases will be available on custom, lathe-cut vinyl. Her original, “Symphony,” from the 2017 “SKY”, was chosen by NAMI in Spring 2018 to feature in the production,“This is My Brave”. Ferrante’s new gospel four-song EP, “Beyond”, was digitally released on May 12th, 2018. Currently Ferranteis collaborating on a 2019 EP with producer Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids. She is drawn to art that tells stories from unexpected points of view. Last year scientists began sharing the magnetic sounds (songs) of stars and planets.
She started to experience the stars as energy singing across time and space- an interconnectedness of things. In the climate of political turmoil, cultural chaos, and unimagined divisiveness, the songs of the universe provided her new perspective. She writes songs that take an unexpected angle: the untold story, the unsung hero. She Guccichallenges clichés, symbols, and assumptions by turning them on their head. She often employs paradox to take the listener beyond their own reality. Roots, blues, and Americana influences render songs more familiar and accessible- creating a comfortable space, like a well-worn easy chair. What does she want to say with her music? Look beyond appearances. Truth, however raw or uncomfortable, is beautiful. Face darkness- that is where hope takes root. Choose questions over answers. Leave room for wonder. There is music all around; close your eyes and see.

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