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Brandon Jeffries is an award winning Songwriter and Independent Artist from Northeastern North Carolina. He has been described as having a gritty, southern style with a definitive Pop edge that adds a natural and raw sounding flavor to anything he performs. With heavy roots in various genres of Rock and Country music, his style appeals to a wide range of listeners and age groups. If you happen to be looking for a casual night out with good people and quality acoustic music, then Brandon Jeffries is a “Must See” performer.
Early in 2015, he started work on recording his first self-released, solo EP, “Future Classic”. For just over a year prior, he had focused on writing the material for this project has he hitched hiked, backpacked, flew, and wondered through the many different, but vaguely familiar cities of the U.S. He states,
Eventually ending up in Atlanta, GA. (Where he previously had attended Pro Media for a few music production courses) He found a home away from home at ZAC Audio Community and decided that’s where he was going to put together his first independent release. With the encouragement of John Frye, Jeffries teamed up with Producer/Engineer “D2” at ZAC, where the two labored away, with tedious scrutiny, and in the end, walked away with these high energy, rockin’ recordings of Brandon’s originals. The EP titled “Future Classic EP” was released on October 21st (2015) and is available on all major streaming services and digital retailers.
Playing music at the early age 14; in high school, he was front man to a band a of kids (Shay’s Rebellion), that managed to open up for several national acts like Trust Company and HydroVibe. Eventually, they grew up and grew apart, and the “band” took a back seat. After a few years of hit and miss projects and a couple journeys to find himself, Jeffries decided music was what he needed to do full time.
Over those years, Jeffries had done Audio/Visual for a multitude of company’s and had a range of business and production experience under his belt on the event side of industry. His roles included everything from wrapping cable and running camera/sound on tour, to corporate office gigs. This quote says it best, Currently residing in Suffolk, Va, a town lying on the border of Virginia and North Carolina; where he has recently achieved the title of #1 Alternative Artist (ReverbNation). Early in 2016, he also received an AkaDemia Award in Los Angeles, California for “Best Alternative Rock EP”! He was voted “Fan Favorite” in the “Rock Your Talent Showcase” in Atlanta, GA (2014) and has won and placed in several National and Local songwriting competitions, such as “The Fishman Southeast National Singer/Songwriter Showcase” in Atlanta, GA (2011) and the Mike Aiken Songwriter Contest in Hampton, VA (2011, 2015), to name a couple. His recent release, Future Classic, has already received several positive reviews and awards! You can check it out on all major streaming services and online retailers!

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