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Black Lace PhotographyRamilyn Thompson is the daydreamer and artist behind Black Lace Boudoir; a place where women can embrace their natural and real beauty with the art of Boudoir. She has been photographing for over 14 years but has specialized in boudoir for the last 5. Boudoir has been the most rewarding experience she has ever had the pleasure of photographing. There is something so empowering watching women gain confidence in themselves and sharing with them that they are beautiful, right here right now!
A survivor of domestic abuse Ramilyn has spent a good portion of her adult life being hushed into silence. Now, as a boudoir photographer, she has found her voice. She has found the way to help and encourage other women to seek their own desires without fear of judgment. To stand up for yourself and say no more. Whatever you have faced or facing does not define who you are as women. Only you can believe in your worth and you should never depend on another to show you. You are worthy of love, kindness, respect, the ability to be yourself. Boudoir is an outlet to rediscover yourself or maybe even find a part of you that you didn’t know exist! Let this be the courage you need to try something new.Armani Mania
Besides from being a business owner and photographer, she is also a mother of two girls and married to her best friend. When she is not working Ramilyn spent a good deal of her free time with her family enjoying outdoor activities and many adventures on the go! Of course, she will never pass up the opportunity to just enjoy staying home all day and relaxing. She believes you could say she is a homebody but she is learning to try new things. One of those things is learning to accept the things she cannot change.

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