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Amahni Philly (Born March 31st) is a singer/songwriter is a from the DMV, He strives for the well rounded and alternative abstract sound to spread across all musical genres with eclectic harmonies and background vocals resembling old school records, doo-wop and soul/R&b with a hip/hop edge style music is what inspired his growth and passion…and he is always inspired to blow you away with his beautiful baritone blues. A poet at heart, his music doesn’t fit into just one genere – you’ll hear some R&B, hip hop, electronic, Soul and jazz throughout his body of work. As for production and engineering, was just something he is self taught because of a very good ear for abstract music styles.
Amahni Philly comes from a gospel and soul singing background, he has been creating music since I was 15 years. Previously, singing in gospel and R&B groups, he didn’t start to create as a solo artist until he was 22. Since then, has created several mixtapes and EP’s under the radar that include self Titled “ Amahni Philly” , “Man Made”, “Epic Tuth” “In a place” & “Up There”.
In 2016, he Released his debut Album “HOME” , which revealed the day to day truth of his personal life experiences from his love life to his health. “HOME” featured DMV Gospel Artist J. Saunders and Hip/hop artist FIN The Great(Credited as Tae)
Later that year, He became one of the league of gentlemen for GQ4CANCER (A men’s health awareness organization) becoming the first Thyroid Survivor to tell his story on the platform.
He then joined forces with his protégé budding Hiphop Recording artist and songwriter Fin The Great to Create the music collective Indigo Child music Group under the Amahniphilly brand.
Now Amahni Philly is stepping out further for elevation by signing with International New York based record label Bentley Records. prepare your ears to be captured by this vocalist’s roar.

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