Adria Michelle

Hi, I’m Adria.A mom to two amazing young girls, a wife to an incredibly supportive husband, and a life long creative who is overly passionate about documenting life. We are all living a story, our story, and I truly believe that the single best way to pass our story from generation to generation is through photographs. And no, I don’t mean digital photography, I mean real deal photos and albums, artwork displaying our personalities, our big (or little) moments, and who we are as people.I believe in documenting once in a lifetime moments, but also making sure to not overlook the ordinary details that add the fullness to our lives. I believe we are all our best when we are the most comfortable. I believe in honesty and kindness, and I operate my business accordingly. I believe in community over competition. I believe in telling stories through photography sessions – to say “a picture is worth 1,000 words” seems trite, but we have only our memories and the images we take to preserve the incredible moments that life sends our way.I’d love to hear from you today so we can start documenting your days! Located in Fairfax Virginia and serving all surrounding areas.

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