Zane White

Zane White is a multimedia artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work combines mythology, sacred symbolism, environmental science, and socio-political movements to create a confluence of parallel perspectives on the contemporary human story. His paintings predominantly focus on landscape, and feature elements of surrealism combined with geometric patterns, collage, and abstract mark making. This visual synthesis is meant to reflect the deep layers of moods and meanings within the paintings themselves. By combining mythology, philosophy, and symbolism, in a seemingly incoherent juxtaposition with elements of contemporary culture, his work seeks to reveal deeper truths about the human experience. He Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA from UNM in 2010 and continued his education and work experience for four subsequent semesters in the ceramics department at Santa Fe Community College. In 2016 he earned a license to practice education at Central New Mexico Community College. His work has been featured in many local, regional, national, and international Juried shows and competitions. He has two years of professional experience as a Visual Arts Instructor at the High School level, and two additional years working various positions in the public schools. He works in a diverse range of media including traditional oil painting, ceramics, installations, music, and poetry. He is a founding member of the Albuquerque based artist collective “You’re On TV” that creates multimedia installations out of found objects and recycled materials. I use layers in my work to illustrate the structure of information, meaning, and understanding present in a given topic. My work currently examines dire socio- political issues from an allegorical point of view, portraying contemporary social events as repeating renditions in a theater of universal symbolic paradigms. I attempt to create paintings that seem to exist beyond measurable time and space. Paintings that capture a universe that is both dreamlike and absolute. The images and objects dreamlike. The symbolic meaning and context urgent and undeniable. This dualistic synthesis is meant to evoke a resolution, or realization, that reveals fundamental essences of existence.

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