Vanessa Bennett


I’m Vanessa a natural light Photographer located in Redding CA. Photography is my creative outlet in life. I’m a busy mom, wife, school financial clerk and avid equestrian. I am slightly addicted to coffee and really like when thing are going good. During the day I clock in and by mid day I get to clock out and do what I was meant to do….capture moments from the day than create memories for a lifetime. Call it my superhero power (queue a little wind please)… at times I really feel it. When I am behind the lens, I see it all, that touch those eyes and oh that one moment. You will see it too once you view your image gallery. I love life and all it offers, I am always up for something new and trying out any idea…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it is always worth the effort for sure! The best part of being a photographer would be getting to witness the innocence of sleeping baby, the look of love between a couple and the laughter in a family outing, because life is beautiful and every picture tells a persons story.

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