Sylvia Mousseux

Born and raised in Paris France, Sylvia Mousseux innigrated to Arizona in 1983 at the age of 18 with her parents and two sisters.
Shortly after arriving in Phoenix, Arizona, she was hired as an apprentice at a locally owned sign shop where she becacme a professional Sign Painter with the help of two tutors after five years of employment.
She graduated with honors and received an Associates degree in Commercial Art in Phoenix AZ while working full-time.
In 1990, Soli, Sylvia Started her own Graphics & Signs shop “Creative Sign Art” in Tempe AZ for a period of five years, before becoming an employee of the City of Scottsdale as a Traffic Sign Fabricator then, a Traffic Engineering Technician, to be promoted as a Lead Traffic Engineering Technician. Sylvia’s artwork, whether it is acrylic painting or photography go beyond reflecting what her subject looks like. In painting, she reveals their unique personality and character, her life-like approach, her use of colorful and vivid palette, her creative eye and attention to details results in a personable and sentimental piece of art worthy of a lifetime treasured art. In photography, she has an eye to capture the essential beauty, colors and light, with an emphasis of the subject, focusing on the composition. She paints and shoots from her heart and, it shows.

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