Sunburnt Stone

Sunburnt Stone hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They play music based upon a mix of various influences and genres from country, blues, rock, and Americana. Their sound comes from their individual unique talents and experiences. They share their inspirations from their experiences living the reservation life to the pavement of Burque. They bring to you their experiences in life through their music; sunset skies and the pains of broken glass weathering through the souls of each and every one. Andrew Wilson and Daryl Young initially started in 2001 as founding members of System Addict Shock (SAS), a metal band from Farmington, New Mexico. After a few years and several members later, both Andrew and Daryl decided to end SAS and join forces with a local band Woodbridgecalled Dementia in 2003.
This allowed both Andrew and Daryl to take a new direction with ambient progressive style metal. The ride ended in 2007 when all members went in their separate directions due to life events. However, both Andrew and Daryl remained in contact. Andrew would continue on working as a stone masonry and Daryl would be working out of the Phoenix, AZ area. Fast forward to 2015, Andrew and Daryl decided once again to attempt to rejoin the music scene, but this time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Armed with songs written by Andrew Wilson, the old SAS guys have reformulated their sound and began the journey on a new endeavor…Sunburnt Stone. With challenges finding a drummer willing to commit, Nichole Tsosie joined the group providing beats with a handcrafted drum.

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