Scott Green

Scott Green is a professional magician based in Chicago. I perform hundreds of shows a year. A national leader in my field, I’m the author of a groundbreaking book of theory and practice, Excellence in Family Magic. I’m also a regularly featured lecturer at magicians’ conferences and have sold performance rights internationally for a number of my original effects. In 2009 I earned my law degree and passed the Bar, but never practiced. That same year I was named one of the 100 best young writers in America for a weekly humor column that was syndicated to outlets including the Washington Post. My wife and I live in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood with our two young children, who love watching Daddy’s shows. An avid game show fan, I’ve been a contestant on both “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and “The Price Is Right.”
Forget what you’ve seen from other children’s magicians. This is the magic show that is as much fun for adults as for children. Your guests will howl with laughter, and the magic will astound them. As a good host, you’ll want to help pick their jaws off the floor. And it’s not just the best family magic show in Chicago. The author of “Excellence in Family Magic,” I’m nationally renowned as a leader in my field. Magicians come to conferences to hear me teach about how they can duplicate my techniques. Around the globe, magicians have purchased performance rights for my original routines like “Not A Snake” and “The Catalog of Broccoli.” There are “kids’ magicians.” And then there’s a show that feels like it belongs in a theater, entertaining guests in your living room or party venue. Let’s make your event incredible.

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