Sarah Jane Hargis

Sarah Jane is an internationally acclaimed performing artist in the repertoire of classical, modern and improvisational musics. She has been teaching flute as a university professor/lecturer, private instructor and guest lecturer in schools and universities around the U.S. for close to twenty years. Sarah Jane holds a Master’s of Music in Flute Performance from the University of New Mexico, and a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Eastern Kentucky University. In addition she also has seven years training in Suzuki Method teaching.
Her teachers include Adam Kunzel, Alexa Still, Valerie Potter, George Pope, Toshio Takahashi and many more. Sarah Jane takes a full, rich flute sound acquired from her background in classical training and sets it on fire in a passionate exploration of electronic sound effects. She not only teaches at St. Edward’s University and her private lesson studio in Austin, TX, she continues to perform as an active soloist and with her band Ethereal Spectrum weekly around the US. Sarah Jane is an Azumi artist.

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