Ryan Lill

Hotel Amar

Ryan LillAfter starting his career in the acoustic realm and crossing over into pop music, his newly released album “Burn This Bridge” is gaining traction in the music world. He released his first set of singles in 2014, putting him on the music map, and landing him an MTV Artist spot. Since his musical debut, he has been an artist worth watching out for.

Since crossing over into the pop realm, Ryan has toured and performed along side other chart topping artists, such as Meghan Trainor, who he teamed up with in New York Ukulele style to perform the top 40 artist’s chart topping hit “Lips are Movin.” In April of this year he released his first full length studio album “Burn This Bridge,” a heavy hitting breakup album that takes slick beats and sharp lyrics and creates a dark and deep dive into the singer’s personal life.

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