Rachel Naft


I am Rachel Naft. I am a redhead, but everyone in my family has brown hair. I am also 6’2, so it is safe to say I do not blend in. I know what you are thinking, but I never played basketball. I did however row crew for eight years. I currently live in Arlington, VA without a dog, but really, really want one.
My love affair with photography started when I was just thirteen years old. My school started offering a photography program and right away it clicked for me. That year for my Birthday my parents bought me my very first Nikon camera. I carried it around everywhere I went taking pictures of my friends. I would create makeshift studios with desk lamps, scarves and construction paper. As the years went on I continued my studies in school and developed my craft through travels. I studied at University of Wisconsin- Madison and summers at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I took a year off in college to study photography abroad in Italy, at the Art Institute of Florence, and intern alongside a local photographer.
As I was finishing up college in Madison I started shooting events and portraits for a large commercial photography company, eventually running the event department. After several years I missed the east coast and wanted to do things on my own. I moved back to Washington DC and started RMN Photography. For the past the twelve years I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest clients and have the opportunity to be published in international and national press as well as being featured on many popular blogs.

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