Pj Romero

My work examines the relationship between functional ceramic artwork and human interaction. I have been working in ceramics for over five years. My influences have led me to explore the main principles of hand built ceramics and experiment with digital technologies in clay. I draw inspiration to create ceramic work from a quote I once read that said, “The bowl is the most democratic form.” Meaning, that the bowl is versatile and is useful for many different purposes. Ceramics for me, signifies the union of people through the act of partaking in the breaking of bread. The custom of eating with friends and family bonds us through an ageless tradition. People have always needed functional wares for eating during different occasions. Many families revolve around food and the kitchen. Ceramic wares and food brings families together for quality time. Without functional ceramic wares, society is destined to eat fast food on paper plates. I believe that just as no two people are the same, no two ceramic pieces are the alike. Which adds to their individuality and freedom of expression in my ceramic work.

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