Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott Patrick Scott (born Patrick Scott MacDonald 01/23/97) is a 17 year old Singer/Songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. “Patrick has been singing every single day of his life,” as his mother says. We used to yell at him to ‘just stop’ so he and his brother and sister could get their homework done each night.” Patrick was asked to record professionally at the age of 14, but through no fault of his own, the project fell apart, giving him his first dose of the music industry. But he took this time to work on teaching himself to play the guitar, and later the piano. He worked on his stage presence by performing live at local bars in the St. Louis area, singing covers and some of his own music that he began writing. He was asked to join a gospel choir at a church in the City of St. Louis, and began singing with professional musicians, allowing him to master harmonizing. The truest sense of who he was becoming as an artist was never more evident to his parents, family, and friends as when he was singing heartfelt, Christian music with a full, choir backing him up. As his dad reflects jokingly, “We were taking him to a church we didn’t belong to, on the weekends, and to bars we didn’t belong in, during the week…even on school nights. He’d be asleep in the back of the car on the way home, still so young, and we’re wondering, ‘What is wrong with us?'” But now at just 17 his voice has matured beautifully, and taking from some of his strongest influences of Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Miguel and Justin Timberlake, he is ready to put out his own voice. A clean, clear, innocence with a tone all his own, it is a voice that gets noticed and turns heads. “I have been working for a long time on this entire album and its meant so much to me to get this out there. I’m excited to see how people respond to my music and am anxious to perform for new fans.” With a fresh sound that resonates with dance fans and pop music lovers alike, Patrick Scott is ready to start Hampton innhis young professional career with a full album release entitled “The Patrick Scott Project.”
In the March of 2015 of Patrick’s senior year of high school, while everyone was off on vacation, Patrick flew out to LA to write and record three songs at the invitation of Jeff Blue. These songs were written and recorded over the course of three days and have yet to be released. The experience proved to Patrick that he can write strong songs and provide a strong product. As a sophomore at Mizzou in March of 2017 during his spring break, Patrick went into the recording studio again at Suburban Pro Studios in St. Louis. He was introduced to a DJ from Chicago that went to Loyola with his brother Jack. Jack had been wanting these two to work together since meeting Tom Giannola in a class. DJ Tom, who DJ’s as Meridian, passed on a beat he had put together to Patrick without ever meeting him. Patrick put words to the beat and recorded the new single “Higher”. Two college students working together to get music out there that represents their respective talents. As Patrick stated, “Thanks to Jack we have a situation where one plus one equals three!” Jack also contributed his own artistic talents by again creating a great artwork piece for the single. As these two artists continue to discover and grow we can only hope the music keeps coming.

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