Pat Rhames

Pat resides in Fresno, Ca. and has been a resident since the first grade (the place you learn everything you need to know about life). All of his adult life he was employed by the Fresno Police Department, retiring at the rank of Captain in 2007. While he was employed by Fresno PD, in the early stages of his career, he was assigned to the Identification Bureau (Crime Scene photography). It was while he was assigned there, that he was introduced to serious photography. It was there that he learned “the basics”.
After retiring, Pat’s interest in photography intensified and he became serious about pursuing it as a second career. For the past six years, he has been studying and practicing the precepts of good commercial photography. He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, the oldest and largest School of Photography in the world. He has completed their most comprehensive course, the Complete Course of Professional Photography.
He has invested in professional, state of the art photography equipment and become very adept in its use. He has invested in professional studio lighting and equipment and set up a private studio capable of accommodating all but the largest of assignments. He has built on what he was taught while with Fresno PD and has begun providing “professional” photography services. He doesn’t provide all aspects of photography, but that which he does; he does well and very reasonably.

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