Nicki Dougherty


As a wee one, I always loved to sing and dance. Judy Garland and Jon Travolta were my idols. I performed my first role of Susie Snowflake at St. Charles Catholic School in Kindergarten. I took dance for my of my childhood years and then as a Middle Schooler I caught the theatre bug again and got my nerve up to audition for Oliver, which ended up being the first ever Musical that I performed in. We did a mixed cast of both Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. The older kids inspired me and I felt I had found my true passion! Going into High School, I immediately jumped into the theatre scene. My first High School show was Oklahoma! directed by Jim Tropp. I went on to perform in several plays and musicals in high school and performed with community theatre all through my high school career. I also became Vice President and then President of Parker Playhouse. After High School I took a break from theatre and got back into it a few years later performing in regional plays and musicals. I’ve performed all over Southern Wisconsin with several different community and regional theatre groups. I have found a new passion in teaching acting and am looking to start directing in the near future. The theatre is my home and I love it!

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