Morgan Graves

Our band was started by Vocalist Steve who had been in search for the right people to create a different more unique sound in a band. Along came Chris who joining this search in mid 2008 and since then the two have seen there fair share of guitarist and bassist alike. The two had done shows under other names playing shows here and there. Then in early 2011 a Craig’s List add came up about two brother guitarist wanting to play in a band. Steve and Chris met up with the two guitarist and since the first Jam Session they had, they knew that this would be a long and interesting journey. We were then in search of a Vocalist and a Bassist. After a session of auditions, we chose a good individual by the name of Bryce who brought great meaning to the unique sound we were producing at the time. As for the bassist, we had a friend be our temp. bassist until we had a reply from a Craig’s list add. The bassist showed up and jammed with us and the unique sound of this experiment had intensified. We offered Denver the position to play bass for us and he agreed to do so. After months pf gigging in our home town our vocalist Bryce was offered a modeling career and we respectfully encouraged him to take on his dream. He then left the band and we were now in search of a vocalist. Our search for a new Vocalist had begun and once again Craig’s list came to the rescue.We met an individual named Joe who laid down a beast interpretation to our only cover song Breathless. We knew that he meant business. At the end of the audition we offered the position and he agreed to jump on board. We gigged with Joe for months and by his own terms left the band. We then had to take a short pause because our Denver had gone MIA. About 2 months passed when we started practicing again. We decided to move forward and continue our search for band members. Steve soon found a drummer named Dustin and we practiced with him and he joined the band in early 2012. Chris came back to the band to find that he could finally play the instrument he had been wanting to for some time. Chris became the official Bassist and the band started doing shows around El Paso. As the band grows and develops over time we are happy to be playing every Gig we get and we hope to start making a name for ourselves.

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