Mimi Zulu

Mimi Zulu is an American singer, lyricist, and poet. Her repertoire includes: soul, blues, jazz, trip-hop, electronica, spoken word, and psychedelic.
Mimi is dedicated to the expansive and magical quality of the creative process. “The less I think of me, the more the truth comes out.” With her big bright eyes and disarming laugh, she is a beaming embodiment of authentic spirit. Passionate about equality and community, Mimi’s lyrics are inspired by the lives of those whose voices often go unheard. Her art is an offering of encouragement, hope, and empowerment; a testimony to the value of a life lived simply, openly, and from the heart.
With the release of her first solo album A Love Parade, Mimi reveals an intimate look into the many tones and textures of the genre she coined “experimental soul” – which is equal parts neosoul and trip-hop.
For Mimi, music provides the opportunity to feel what’s real in a world gone not-so-comfortably numb. “The goal,” she says, “is to be in a space where I can remind people to just think. To remind them of their insides, of their soul and their feelings. To make them feel their own skin.”

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