Melanie O’Keefe

Award winning artist Melanie O’Keefe’s will have a painting in the February 2018 issue of Southwest Art Magazine for their annual landscape issue. One of O’Keefe’s paintings was selected by the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society to be in the Best of America Exhibit, at the New Castle Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. O’Keefe has been interviewed by and published in the regional magazine The Weld regarding her unique ability to see detail and light.
Other accomplishments include being chosen by the Huntsville Museum of Art to be in their 2017 Art Auction Gala, appearing on the ABC/33-40 morning show. She has done numerous commissions for clients here and abroad, including one for a retired senator from the country of Panama. She has been invited to and participated in shows around the country. She also teaches classes and workshops. O’Keefe excels at painting detailed and realistic landscapes and contemporary paintings in acrylics and oils. She especially loves painting trees and water. She spends time in the detail of the bark and leaf patterns to make the trees come alive. Also, she is able to paint different scenes of water by grasping the multidimensional aspects and patterns from the source and reflections on the water. Her love of nature and her love for painting merge to give viewers the feeling they could walk right into the painting. Melanie says this about her art that, she’s never had any formal training, except drafting in design school.
She dabbled in art over the years but never for any length of time. It wasn’t till she painted murals in two nursery halls at church in Birmingham in 2011 and 2012, that she then decided it was time to try painting on canvas. In 2014, she decided to make the plunge and goes full time and pursued art as a career. Melanie is very passionate about her work and spends longs hours to achieve the results she is looking for. Melanie is experimented with other styles but her passion is realism. Her goal is to always grow as an artist. This includes taking workshops and some classes. She strives to make each painting better than the last.

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