Manisha Panjwani

For Manisha, photos are simply moments we capture forever. The moments of smiles, love, and celebration that we all hold dear – that’s what she does, that’s a Manisha Moment!
Manisha is a small town girl from Charlotte, North Carolina with dreams to travel the world! She now lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and has never felt more at home. She comes from a large family and being the oldest of three siblings, she not only scrapbooked all of their childhood photos, she pretty much was the official family photographer AKA “Keeper of Memories.” Who knew it would give her the wings to pursue this dream and take her photography to a whole new level. Here’s her secret – this business is not her bread-and-butter. She graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill with a business degree then went and got her MBA. Her day job is in HR, but photography…this business, this is her blessing. She does it because it gives her joy to meet so many wonderful people and capture life’s most beautiful moments. She just loves what she does! She wants your experience to be fun and unforgettable.

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