Lucas Larvenz

Lucas Larvenz Lucas Larvenz is taking Miami by storm. At only 18 years old, he’s already accomplished so much in such a short period of time. With the major success of his latest single ‘Meant To Be’, He has the eyes of many waiting to see what the future holds for him Born and raised in Miami Fl, LucasLucas Larvenz Larvenz is considered by many as an 18 year old musical prodigy. Lucas has delved and experimented in many genres but has found his niche in Progressive House and Future Bass. He has had the opportunity of performing at various venues including but not limited to club space, club heart, club passions, club Hanger and many more. The ultimate goal isn’t fame and fortune but to make others happy with his music while staying true to himself and to make sure people are having the times of their lives when he’s performing. All indications are that 2017 is primed to be a year of significant progress for Lucas Larvenz

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