Lee Chantel Sarver

Lee Chantel Sarver is a new emerging Hispanic artist with Scottish ancestry. She currently works out of her home studio in McAllen or in her travel studio on the Eastside of Austin, Texas. She works primarily on commissioned paintings in acrylic on paper or hand-stretched canvas frames (also built by hand).
Lee was raised by her mom, a single parent in deep South Texas, who truly struggled and was resilient in so many ways. She didn’t speak much English but she found a great job working for H.E.B (where she still works) that provided enough for them. Lee was a product of divorce- like many folks her age are now so she spent a lot of time alone-hanging out by herself being artsy. Her mom taught her that hard work is worth every inch of sacrifice and it’s because of her that she pours herself into her art. She pours herself so hard into the painting that it can get pretty draining if she doesn’t give her self a chance to recharge and just enjoy the process.
Though Lee was educated in Dallas, Texas and inspired by her previous residence in Savannah, Georgia; it is her self-exploration in paint form that drives her forward to create new pieces of art. She describes herself as a New American Contemporary Artist, a term which she feels rightly defines her view on life and art. She currently resides in Edinburg, Texas with her hubby and two rescue dogs, Charly & Piper.

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