Kylie Morgan

Kylie MorganKylie Morgan, a traveling wedding and elopement photographer based out of Boise, ID but finds herself in other places around the world more often than not! A lover of adventure, camping under the stars, running through wildflower fields, watching New Girl for the 5th time all the way through, hoarding plants that she kills within a week— passionate for places unknown and feelings yet to be felt. Give her a taco and put her on a flight to a place she’s never tread with her husband— and she is in heaven. Kylie is married to the most genuine, high-spirited and loving guy who has more energy than a 4 year old— who she loves with every fiber of her being. Together they are traveling this world, losing sleep and pretending they’re never aging— and it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of and more. Kylie has been a wedding photographer for a little over two and a half years and has had the opportunity to document over 60 “best day of our lives” and creates ever lasting friendships that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to create. Kylie is a strong believer that moments both small and large can be captured and relived to tell a story that once was and always will be. To tell your story that once was and always will be. She want you to be able to dust off these old pictures and albums that hold these memories for your kids and their kids one day, and still feels what it felt like that day. To feel that tingle down your spine like you did when you had your dress buttoned up for the first time, or that smile beamingDanskin across your face as your bride walked down the aisle towards you. She hopes you feel that cold mist around you like you did when you shared your vows under that powerful waterfall, what it felt like to run around wild and so in love not a care in the world. But most of all, she wants you to feel all the emotions that you did that day— the fast heart beats, the butterflies in the pit of your stomach, the soft gentle touches of your groom wiping away your tears— just as if you were standing there many years ago. She wants to give you the moments that you live every day, that you feel every day— no matter how imperfect they may be. To Kylie, they’re perfectly imperfect. That’s what love is. It’s an insanely unpredictable, unwritten, alluring, and magnificent thing. Kylie is most inspired by her surroundings and this incredible world that was created for us— so she’d love to climb some mountains, run wild in some fields, fly 10 hours to fulfill that wanderlust-ache, and third wheel with you if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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