Kirby LeAnne

Kirby LeAnneI’m Kirby, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Corpus Christi, serving the south Texas area and beyond! I believe photography is more than just nice pictures to look at. The images captured at a session should mean something, they should tell YOUR unique story. They shouldKirby LeAnne be used to preserve this moment in time for you to look back on when these moments are long gone. My hope is that when you view the images captured you will not just remember how you looked, but also how you felt! The love and security you feel with your new fiancé, the overwhelming joy of finally holding your new baby, or the wonder and curiosity in your children’s eyes as they explore the world around them. I keep my sessions and events relaxed and fun, embracing the chaos in life and turning it into beautiful imagery. You will snuggle up, tell jokes, tickle, twirl and laugh while I capture real moments. So sit back and relax, let me preserve your memories while you just enjoy making them.

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