Kipp Sherry

Boise, Idaho based magician Kipp Sherry started in magic when he was 5 years old. For more than 40 years he has continued to refine his magical entertainment style. His magic is now enjoyed by thousands of people every year.
Kipp has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This makes him much more than just an entertainer!
Kipp has created original magic effects and marketing tools that are used by magicians all around the world!
Including: Japan, Russia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, and more. Commercial effects include P-PIK Prediction Cards and Kings Fool Business Cards. Kipp also creates effects exclusively for his clients, which are not made commercially available.
Boise, Idaho based Corporate Magician, Kipp Sherry has been dazzling corporate audiences with his unique mix of magic and marketing for over 2 decades now.
Each magic presentation is customized to his clients needs, then delivered in a way that will draw a crowd, keep a crowd and sell a crowd.
Whether your event is a private party, trade show, banquet, product launch, or a VIP customer event, the magic of Kipp Sherry makes your events unforgettable, informative, and full of entertainment.

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