Kimberly Mathews

Kimberly Mathews was born near Detroit, Michigan, in the late nineteen-sixties. She studied briefly at the College for Creative Studies and now lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee. As a self-taught watercolor artist, Kimberly’s current work focuses on the intricate details in nature and relies on the viewer’s desire for beauty to draw them in. As one lingers, the intention is to help refocus, if only for a time, on all that is beautiful and good, whether seen or unseen. Kimberly’s younger years were characterized by unsolicited changes. Few of them were easy, but all of them transformative. Upon reflection the layers of her life fused together in a similar way to that of her artwork. Her watercolor paintings are a series of colorful layers. Looked at individually, the earliest layers can be distasteful and ugly. Although her inclination, early on, was to linger on the imperfections and define the whole work in light of them, she realized that this created numerous discarded, unfinished, and disconnected sketches. “In the end, I learned that to become a masterpiece, one has to develop the courage to look back, analyze, and embrace all the layers of their life and only through working on another layer does the beauty of life and art begin to take shape.”

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