Kevin York

Kevin YorkWhen ever I write about myself it’s always how do I start? What do people want to know about me? People come to my site to buy photography services are they really interested that I love chocolate and big doggies? Or do they want to know about all the cool things I’ve done in photography. Do they want to know my images have been published world wide. That I’ve worked for companies large and small. I’ve won awards for my photography. Maybe they want to know how many weddings I’ve done? I lost count some time ago but it’s gotta be well over three hundred?
But maybe all they want to know is am I someone they can work with and trust. I care about people and I care deeply about what I do, I’m very passionate about photography. I’m sentimental and kind of an old romantic. I like to have fun at work and play. Ya know they say if you make your interests a vocation you’ll never work a day in your life?
My story really is a life long love of pictures and a lifetime dedication to the art of photography. I can remember from an early age being fascinated with cameras,theyKevin York were just so cool. My first camera I used was a Polaroid instant camera. But that one day in High school many years ago when I put light to paper in a darkroom and saw an image appear before my eyes in a tray of chemicals, it was magic I was hooked! From that day on I was going to be a photographer. For the last thirty three years I have been blessed and grateful to do the job I love!
I hope what I’ve written here gives you some insight to me as a person and my professional background. I really appreciate that your here and reading this. If you like what you’ve read and seen please reach out and contact us. I would be happy to speak with you about your wedding,family portraits or any other project you may have in mind.

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