Ken Newman

Although our journeys are not the same – there are common threads that connect us. I have chosen to share and express through sculpture a lived journey, a small window into a living history. As our world changes, a sense of loss emerges – a disconnect to our immediate past and a distancing from nature. The desire to share these observations has become the motivation in creating my art. As artists, we have a responsibility to capture or interpret current attitudes and their influences, to document and create dialog. Without artists, who visually captures the uniqueness of society? If we dont interpret and capture it, time has proven it will be gone tomorrow. There are no political agendas, just a story of reflection on ones influences and journeys, a show of respect for the simple and subtle rhythms and elements in life as they are in nature. Representational sculpture is not a choice – but a natural extension of my vision. The forms, shapes and gestures of my sculptures are expressions of internal and external influences, not that of a model or photograph. Somewhat stylized to convey movement and emotion rather than anatomical accuracy. Details are meant as a distraction for the eye, a reaffirmation of the story and not meant to attain perfection. Expressing the impact of subtle elements and textures has opened the creative process to explore the use of different materials to better express these nuances that spark interpretation. Beauty and symmetry are sculpturally wonderful, I seem to be drawn to the struggles of life, sometimes difficult to share, but important to embrace. The struggle builds character and perseverance, qualities I admire and inspires insightful sculptural stories for others to explore and contemplate.

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